Hype, Transmission, and Truth in the Middle Ages

University of Bristol’s Centre for Medieval Studies 24th Annual Postgraduate Conference

Friday 23rd – Saturday 24th February 2018

Arts Complex, Woodland Road, University of Bristol

In light of contemporary anxieties surrounding the delineation of ‘truth’ and ‘untruth’, this year’s conference aims to encourage reflection on and exploration of these notions through the lens of the Middle Ages. How were medieval concepts, truths, and beliefs conceived, recorded, transmitted, received and understood? How were these processes influenced by religion, society, culture, politics, economics, and the environment?

This conference welcomes papers from scholars across the arts and humanities, and particularly encourages interdisciplinary approaches. The broad nature of this year’s theme is designed to encourage creativity in interpretation and will include both explicit reflection and implicit connection.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Medieval ‘fake news’
  • Medieval ideas of ‘truth’ and ‘untruth’
  • The politicising of the medieval period
  • Medieval conspiracy theories
  • Memory
  • Fame, celebrity, and scandal
  • Rumour and hearsay
  • Myth, legend, and folklore
  • Trends, crazes, and fashions
  • Collective panic
  • Literary, economic, cultural, and trade networks
  • Evangelism and religious transmission
  • Global networks of transmission
  • Scribal and textual transmission
  • Exchanges between and across cultures
  • High/low cultural exchange
  • Material exchange
  • Aural/oral transmission


Abstracts and questions to be directed to: